"Pail Pharma Name you can Trust!"

Our Mission

Pail Pharma (P) Ltd is one of the Indias most respected and upcomming Animal Health company, committed to improving the quality of animal health,productivity and there by profitability.Pail Pharma (P) Ltd is well known in Molecular Veternary Field. Pail pharma (P) Ltd is in the service of Animal Health Care since last 14 years and gained confidence of their valuable customers in animal Health Market.

Pail Pharma is mainly known for its inovative Products. Some new Products launched by us are first time in India.

Using our knowladge and experience, we have branches all over India. Animal Health Care is a rapidly expanding market and we feel that we can cotribute by providing good and unique products to our customers. We are involved in formulation and marketing of quality veterinary products. Animal Health Care is our core business with an extensive range of antibiotics,antipyratic,anti-mastitis,gynaecological,feed suppliment and NSAIDS.

Presently,we participate in most of the Theraputic Groups in Animal health Care.We will soon add many more new products to this range. Our people are our key strength.People with experience,who respond quickly to innovation in the Animal Health Care industry to stay ahead of the competition. Our people are continuously trained and kept abreast on the current practice in technology,GMP, Quality assuarance and after sales service. We all are aiming towards " Customer Satisfaction " and gain their trust.